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Self Treatment Advice

In the event of injury it is extremely important that you react fast to protect the injured area and to prevent further damage. Following this procedure will limit the damage and allow for a speedier recovery.


Rest and immobilise the injured area to reduce further damage.


Apply Ice to the area for no more than 15 mins every hour to reduce bleeding from torn blood vessels. Applying Ice in the first 20 minutes following any trauma can have a significant effect on limiting the damage and reducing the recovery period.

C  ompression

Bandage injured area firmly (but not to tight) in order to contain swelling and support the area.  


Raise injured area up (above heart if possible) to reduce pressure of fluid on injured area and combat swelling.


It is advisable to contact a Doctor or Physiotherapist to gain the proper advice, to enable you to manage the injury effectively. This will dramatically increase your recovery back to full health.

This procedure is important immediately after the injury and for the first 48-72 hours and can reduce you recovery time significantly.

In the first 48-72 hours you should not:

Apply Heat

Apply heat rubs

Drink alcohol

Have a deep massage

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