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Long wave ultrasound

At Back On Track we use have invested in Long wave ultrasound equipment. This has many benefits over the short wave version used in most hospitals and clinics throughout the UK , these include:

Considerably deeper penetration, making it generally more rapid in its soft tissue healing of acute injuries.
Ability to reach deep enough for all hip, shoulder and back conditions.
No reflection from the bone, allowing more effective treatment.

Ultrasound is a therapeutic treatment using high-frequency sound waves administered in the region of soft tissue injuries.

Ultrasound treatment uses gel to conduct the sound waves at room temperature and may temporarily feel cool to the skin when it is initially applied. The treatment can be usually administered directly to the area of complaint, penetrating deep into the body. The rise in temperature, increases blood flow, relaxes muscle spasms, massages damaged tissues, and speeds the healing process. Sound vibrations as fast as 1 million times per second; penetrate the tissues deep in the body, creating a heat response. These vibrations and heat help break down and disperse unhealthy calcium and other hard tissue accumulations.

Ultrasound treatment is very effective in treating calcium deposition, healing without irritation, speeding metabolism, improving blood flow, reduces nerve root irritation, and enhances the body's natural healing ability.

Ultrasound is extremely effective in the treatment of all soft tissue injuries, including Torticollis, Cervical Spondylosis, Low Back Pain, Sacro-illac Strain, Coccydynia, Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, Frozen Shoulder, Teno Synovitis, Groin Strain, Ankle Sprain, Muscle Haematoma, Traumatic Contusions, Muscle Spasm and Tendonities.

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