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Excercise Therapy

The reasons for exercise therapy

By the time many patients seek professional help, fibrotic scar tissue has often changed the elasticity and strength of supporting muscles. A program of carefully designed stretches and exercises helps restore better tone to these damaged tissues.

Interferential Therapy

Once movement is regained, your physical therapist will prescribe medical exercise therapy, a form of functional exercise. Exercise Therapy is a set of repetitive stretching or strengthening manouvers designed to develop weakened or injured muscle groups that support the spine. Specific exercises help rehabilitate and stabilize the muscles, the skeleton and the spine. Each isolated exercise performed is simple enough to allow for repetition without adding pain.

These specific exercises are designed to work a specific area without affecting other parts of your body. Your therapist will "spot" you to ensure the quality of each movement and to assess whether it needs to be more challenging in order to improve circulation and muscle strength. Medical exercise therapy is an excellent way to build endurance and condition your muscles. Once you master exercises at our clinic, you will be encouraged to perform them regularly at home to rebuild, stretch and strengthen the specified area until full function is restored.

Results take time. Exercise Therapy is an inexpensive and effective way to speed your recovery, recover and maintain range of motion, stabilize your spine and help prevent a relapse.

Benefits of exercise therapy

Increases range of motion
Retrains damaged muscles
Strengthens spinal structure
Speeds rehabilitation
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